Marketing Student Society, Monash (MMSS) Caulfield

Put simply, we seek to provide a range of ways for students to immerse themselves into their Monash University experience, and this semester, we’re doing that online. Join us to experience what it's like being a member of the 2019 Most Valuable Club!

Accounting Students' Association

The Monash Accounting Students' Association aims to facilitate the professional development of its members through focusing on careers in the accountancy field.

Actuarial Student's Society

MASS was established in 2010 as a profession-based student group catering specifically for students pursuing econometrics, statistics or actuarial studies majors.

Advanced Science & Science Scholar Society, Monash (MASS3)

The Monash Advanced Science & Science Scholar Society is a club for students enrolled in BScAdv(Hons), BScAdv(Reseach), BScAdv(Global Challenges) and BSc(ScSchProg) at the Clayton campus of Monash University.

Adventist Students on Campus (ASOC)

Adventist Students on Campus (ASOC) @ Monash University is a Christian club of students committed to sharing their faith and living our university lives to the fullest!

Adventist Students On Campus (ASOC) Caulfield

ASOC aims to help students to achieve their highest potential academically, socially and spiritually. We want to prepare every individual, whether Christian or non-Christian, to be a more well-rounded and equipped citizen.

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Club, Monash (MAMEC)

MAMEC strives to lead mechanical and aerospace engineering students on their journey through and beyond university.

AFL Football Club (Blues)

New players of all skill levels & genders are welcome.  Current training: Mon (U19s 6-7.30pm & Women's 6.30-8pm) Tues (Men's Seniors/Reserves 6.30-8pm & Men's Thirds 6-7.30pm)  Thurs (U19s 6.00-7.30pm, Women's 6.00-7.30pm, Men's 6.30-8.00pm)

African Society, Monash (MAfS)

The Monash African Society (MAFS) is focused on providing a platform for students to learn about an experience the African culture and heritage.

AIESEC Caulfield

AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential through volunteering or working abroad on our international programs.


AIESEC is a global youth-run, not-for-profit organisation that aims to develop youth leadership through cross-cultural understanding.

Aikido Club

Aikido uses circular flowing movements originating from a relaxed body and a fully focused mind. Regular practice brings a feeling of wellbeing and self-confidence that carries over into every aspect of daily life.

ALP (Labor) Club, Monash (ALP)

The Monash ALP (Labor) club is for those students with a keen interest in the Australian Labor Party.

Amnesty International Monash

Amnesty International Monash aims to educate and inspire students to engage in important social issues.

Anime & Manga Appreciation, Society for (SAMA)

SAMA is the perfect place to meet fellow anime and manga fans, share interests and hobbies and form new friendships.