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26th September Updates

Relevant to Monash Aikido: We expect Thursday trainings at least to return only after 19 October, when both of our instructors are fully vaccinated.

The following conditions from Aikido Victoria will still apply to when we return to training:

  • Class size is limited to 5 students plus instructor
  • All students and the instructor must be fully vaccinated (proof will be asked for)
  • You can only train at dojos within 15km of your home
  • All other COVID safety guidelines to be followed (eg: mask-wearing,QR check ins, sanitising, etc)

Please note these conditions may mean that some classes may not be able to resume next week (eg: instructor may not be fully vaccinated, or have to travel more than 15km). It's best to reach out to your local dojo and confirm with the instructors directly.

We cannot stress enough that Aikido Victoria asks all students to follow the guidelines set by the State Government. Please do not place yourself or the organisation at risk by breaking the rules. Particularly, do not travel more 15km to train - we all know it's slow going, everyone is doing their best.

Contact Methods:


Facebook: Monash University Aikido Club

Michael Nagle – 5th Dan

Mobile: 0407‑357‑311


Diana Hope – 2nd Dan

Mobile: 0439‑651‑099


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