Aikido Club

There is no need for beginner students to buy any special equipment, as we realise that they need to attend a number of classes before they are certain that they want to continue their training in Aikido.

A uniform (dogi or gi) is not required in the beginning. We recommend that students wear loose, comfortable clothing that covers the elbows and knees. As some gripping of clothing is required during training, older clothing is the best option. Aikido dogi are preferred, otherwise, single-weave judo gi or karate gi are acceptable as long as there are no visible logos or branding. You can get these from the Aiki-Kai Australia online store, martial arts shops either online or in person.

Hakama are required to be worn by Aiki Kai Australia yudansha. If you have attained a dan grade in another Aikido school or style, please have a chat with the instructors before wearing your black belt and/or hakama during training.

Aiki-Kai Australia has an online store to sell aikido equipment including uniforms and weapons. Aiki-Kai Australia aims to provide students with a range of high quality training items at affordable prices. Funds raised from merchandise sales go back into advancing Aikido in Australia.

The club has a number of weapons that are available to borrow during class. Again, students who wish to continue their training will eventually purchase their own weapons, when they feel comfortable to do so.