Trial Classes

We offer up to two trial classes for $2 per session – but fill out an Aiki-Kai Australia application form for insurance purposes. These trials do not enroll you in the club.

Joining Monash Aikido

If you decide you want to join the Club, you will need to pay training fees to the Club – the costs of the trial class will be taken off the total. This covers our rental for the space that the University provides the Club as well as other expense s such as social events and promotion. Here is the Monash Club membership form which explains the joining procedure. Join online via the home page of our Monash-hosted website - use your Monash login as this will bring your details across.

                                     Semester Fee       Trial M’ship  (5 classes)

Monash Student       $ 40                         $ 15

Staff or Graduate     $ 60                         $ 20 

Community               $ 100                       $ 40

Please note that there are limited spaces for community members due to University policy. Come along but we may need to refer you to our other Victorian dojos.

Joining Aiki-Kai Australia

If you want to join the Club after watching or doing a trial class, you need to apply for an Aiki-Kai Australia membership at New members.  Existing members can renew their membership at Renewals. Please present a receipt before training. The instructors can help with the type of membership you apply for.

Membership is compulsory. It provides you with some insurance, and allows you to attend classes at our other dojos, attend training events and take grading examinations. These are the additional costs for Aiki-Kai Australia membership. Take care to use the correct membership categories. If you are unsure of the correct category ask the instructors or a senior student. Alternatively, text Michael on 0407-357-311.

Monash Students:

University – $ 38 per semester, or if taking the trial option

Student Interim – $ 24 for 3 months

Other Members:

Adult – $ 238 per year, or if taking the trial option

Adult Interim – $ 24 for 2 months

Online processing of memberships for Aiki-Kai Australia enables quicker and more accurate processing of your memberships. There is an FAQ on the Aiki-Kai Australia site if you have any questions or are experiencing problems.

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