Cricket Club

1/ Hours:
  • Players are to train seriously and in a manner that reflects how they would play in a match.
  • It is required that all players will attend at least one training session each week.
  • Fielding practice will occur every training session, if you are not batting or bowling then you should be fielding. During the time that players are not batting, bowling, or improving other aspects of their game.
  • Training will be run as a balance of batting, bowling and fielding drills.
  • All players must stretch and warm up before practicing. This means leg, back and arm stretches and at least one lap of the oval.
  • Sessions will be short and sharp with equal time for each facet of the game.
  • Training will begin at 6:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Training will begin at 5:30pm before daylight saving comes into effect in October.
2/ Clothing:
  • White shirts/t-shirts/jumpers or monash university training top and dark blue or black pants/shorts.   This will help us all to look like a team, and aid the better version of the cricket ball for all involved.
  • Cricket Spikes or runners (if on synthetic) that fully cover the foot.
3/ Batting:
  • Players not batting sensibly (i.e. swinging wildly at the majority of deliveries) will be warned and if they persist will be asked to stop batting.
  • Net batting time will be ten minutes per player. This time can only be varied by the coach/captains during occasions when training time is limited (for instance during poor light, or for indoor sessions).
  • Players are guaranteed one hit per week, thus players who train on both days and do bat on the Tuesday, may not necessarily bat on Thursday until after players who only train on Thursday .
  • All players are expected to bowl in the nets during a session in which they bat, unless injured. Uninjured players who do not bowl in the nets cannot expect others to bowl to them.
  • Players arriving after 6:30pm should not expect to bat in that session.
  • Batting order in the nets will be determined by the coaches or captains.
4/ Bowling:
  • Players are to work on the line and length they would bowl in a match.
  • Players are to mark their run up as in a match, with a bowling marker, and try to bowl legal deliveries from behind the crease.
  • There are to be 4 bowlers operating in a net at all times, no more and no less.
5/ Selection:
  • Any players with an issue related to their selection or non-selection should talk to chairman of selection either at training or by phone.
  • If for some reason you can't play after you have been selected, then you must ring your captain and let them know immediately. Failure to do this will let your team mates down and adversely affect your chances for selection in subsequent matches.
  • Players who did not train on Thursday, but did train on Tuesday and indicated their availability to play will be notified of their selection and match details.
  • On the Thursday night prior to each match the teams will be selected. Players will be advised of team selections on Thursday Night.
  • All players are required to advise the chairman of selection of their availability each week of the season.
1/ Guidelines:
  • Selection criteria includes, but is not limited to, match performance, training attendance, and payment of club membership before the start of the season.
  • With the exception of the above point, match performance is the number one criterion evaluated in selection.
  • Every player must have a role to play within the team in every match. These roles can and will change from match to match.
1/ Pre Match:
  • All players are to pay their match fees before the start of play in cash.
  • If batting, then the first 4 players are to pad up and all players are to have a brief hit up. In the case of bowling, then all players do catching and fielding practice, with the opening bowlers to mark out their run ups and do final warm ups.
  • You are to be in your whites before the toss is taken. Immediately after all players are to make themselves available for an address from their captain.
  • You are required to be stretched and warmed up prior to 30 minutes before the start of play.
  • If the weather is poor the previous night and/or in the morning, call your team captain 2 hours before the start of the match. Do NOT assume a washout.
  • If for some reason you can't make it to the match on time be sure to ring your team captain and let them know in advance. Do the right thing by your team mates.
  • Please ensure that you arrive at the ground at least 1 hour before the scheduled start of play.
2/ Match:
  • Players are to play fair and competitive cricket and not act in way that is against the spirit of the game.
  • Between deliveries, fielders are to move the ball back to mid-on or mid-off as quickly as possible, to promote a good over rate while still allowing them plenty of time to shine the ball.
  • All fielding positions will be set, changed or adjusted only by the captain.
3/ Post Match:
  • All players are to make themselves available for an address from the captain immediately after the match.
  • All players are required to stretch and warm down within 15 minutes of the close of play.
  • Players are reminded that cricket is social game, and encouraged to attend post match gatherings.
  • If the wicket is deemed unplayable by the curator, games/training must not commence.
  • All rubbish is to be picked up after play.
  • No fielding is allowed in the turf nets.
  • Bowling Mats are required at all times when using turf nets.
  • Net furniture and fittings are not to be used in any manner other than their main function.
  • Nets are to be left in the manner they are found in.
  • Tables, Marquees and Scoreboards are to remain in designated areas.
  • Grass clippings can be used, and are available outside the curator's office.
  • The following are not allowed on the wicket area:-
    1. black bowling mats
    2. sawdust
    3. mulch
    4. sand
  • Covers trolley, ropes and poles from around the squares are to be left in designated areas.
  • All pegs to be places in bucket supplied.
  • Covers are to be rolled up in a correct manner, and placed on trolley (not left on grass in a pile).
  • Bowling markers are to be used at all times (no scuffing feet).
  • Spikes must be worn on turf match and turf practice wickets.
Club Championship:
  • Runs 1 point
  • Assisted Wickets 10 points
  • Unassisted Wickets 15 points
  • Catches 10 points
  • Stumpings/Run-outs 10 points
  • Weighting: 1st XI Points: 100%, 2nd XI 75%, 3rd XI 50%, 4th XI 25%, 5th XI 25%, 6th XI 25%, 7th XI 25%, 8th XI 25%
  • Only financial members
Averages and Aggregates:
  • Minimum runs: 150
  • Minimum wickets: 15
  • Minimum games: 3
  • Only financial members
We are the Mighty Monash Gryphons
Cricket is our game
We will bat and bowl and give our all
Cos winning is our aim
We won't give up, we want the Cup
To glorify our name
Charging on to Victory

Cricket's what we play at Monash
Cricket, night and day at Monash
And we WON TODAY [shouted] for Monash
Charging on to Victory

Sung to the Tune of Marines Hymn.