Cricket Club

Injuries sustained whilst playing or training for Monash University Cricket Club are covered by the University’s umbrella health insurance policy.

Who is covered? Full-time and part-time enrolled students are covered by the personal accident insurance policy. The cover also extends to registered members of clubs/associations under the University’s control (i.e. If you have paid your Monash University Cricket Club registration fees then you are covered).

What is covered? Injuries from accidents that occur during a University approved activity. The policy does not cover sickness and illness. A limited range of benefits are also available for financial loss due to medical treatment and hardship as a result of an accident that occurred while engaged in university/course-related activities, including practical or community placements.

Making a claim To make a claim please:

If you wish to discuss your claim or accident please contact the University’s Insurance Services via email or phone 03 9905 6368.

When making a claim please note:

  • The policy does not cover the difference between the doctor’s bill and the Medicare refund.
  • You are required to pay all costs and then claim back expenses. Please ensure you keep all original accounts and medical statements.
  • Claim forms must be completed by yourself and a qualified medical practitioner.
  • You are required to pay a $50 excess fee for each claim (deductible at the time of claim settlement).
  • Medical expenses must be incurred within 12 months of sustaining your injury.
  • A referral from a General Practitioner is required for physiotherapy visits.

Policy benefits The policy includes the following benefits:

  • Medical benefits – reimbursement of non-Medicare medical expenses to a maximum of $5,000.
  • Weekly injury benefits for income earners. (Max. $600 per week excludes first 5 days of loss of income
  • Overseas medical expenses. (Max. $100,000).
  • Surgical Benefits, $2,000.
  • Emergency transportation benefit where a claim has arisen, $5,000.

For more information about the policy and its benefits please read the Product Disclosure Statement for the University’s Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

Cricket Australia Insurance Cover

As a paid member club of Cricket Victoria, players are covered by the National Cricket Insurance Program. For more information, and to make a claim, please follow this link: