Monash University Dodgeball Association

Casual Play and Drop In Sessions

Tuesdays 3pm - 5pm & Thursdays 3pm - 5pm. Both sessions are in Games Hall at Monash Sport.
On Tuesdays, we run a drop-in mini-tournament each week where you are placed in a team and compete for points on a semesterly leaderboard.
On Thursdays, we run our casual sessions where you can rock up and play purely for fun, with different variations and large team sizes.
Competitve/State-League Training
We run regular training for our competitive and state league players. We have open training for anyone to join at 3pm - 5pm on Wednesdays in the Stadium at Monash Sport.
We accept all skill and experience levels for competitive training as long as you are keen to improve your skills and support others in doing the same.
Currently we are accepting applications for our 2023 State League teams. If you're interested in representing us at the state level, please fill in an expression of interest at: