Monash University Dodgeball Association

2019 Victorian Dodgeball League

The Monash University Malamutes made their mark in their first ever
Victorian Dodgeball League  season 🥈

The VDLF Mallies quickly gained a reputation as the team to watch, finishing the VDLF season top of the ladder and narrowly losing in a grand final sudden death to take home the silver medal in their first season. Our Men's teams featured many new dodgeball faces and surprised many with their skill, talent and teamwork, with some upset wins and close matches along the way. We are excited to continue to nurture and showcase the future talent in our sport and can't wait to see what the future brings for the Monash University Malamutes 💪💪💪

Coach : Chris Leung-Chee-Hang
Team Organiser : Cherie Fung

🥈  Monash University Malamutes (VDLF) : Cherie Fung ( Captain ), Elaine Huynh, Geraldine Quah, Cyril Chen, Clyde Chen, Nicholas Young, Benjamin Chin, Patrick Leung-Chee-Hang, David Shi, Kann Mirault, Benjamin Yeong
Monash University Malamutes (Blue) (VDL Men's) : Nicholas Young ( Captain ), Benjamin Chin, David Shi, Michael Cheng, Patrick Leung-Chee-Hang, Alan Zheng, Pranav Parte, Benjamin Chua
Monash University Malamutes (Grey) (VDL Men's):  Cyril Chen ( Captain ), Clyde Chen, Benjamin Yeong, Kann Mirault, Will Allchin, Isaac Yeong, Nicholas Tham, Tim Ung, Daniel Gration