We run modern fencing classes in Foil, Sabre, and Épée

Beginners classes are on Mondays and Tuesdays
Monday: Sabre 6-9pm
Tuesday: Foil 6-9pm
Wednesday: Épée 6-9pm
Thursday: Casual Fencing 6-9pm


About Fencing and the Monash Club

Fencing is the competitive modern incarnation of classical European sword fighting. We train in two Olympic disciplines: Foil and Sabre. We offer a beginners course in both Foil and Sabre where all the essential skills for fencing are learnt. Fencing is an extremely safe sport and an excellent way to get fit, and make friends at the same time. Monash Fencing also offers the opportunity to compete throughout the year. Beginners' classes are held throughout semester in the Martial Arts Hall at Monash Sport, with all ages and levels of athletic ability welcome.

The Monash University Fencing Club provides opportunities to learn and train in all three fencing weapons: foil, sabre, and épée.

Our classes are beginner-friendly, with coaches that will support your ongoing development, whether you are just in it for fun, or aspire to compete at a national or international level.

Members are free to join sessions in any weapon. Most attend once or twice a week, training in their weapon of choice, but joining allows you to train up to four times a week in all three weapons (you know you want to).