About MUKC
Monash University Kendo Club (MUKC) is an affiliate of the Victorian Kendo Renmei, Australian Kendo Renmei, and the International Kendo Federation. Our club offers this traditional Japanese martial art, with bamboo swords, as not just a way of training physically but also a way of training the mind. We conduct one beginner's course a year, which starts in February/March when the first semester begins and goes for eight weeks. The club trains three times a week. Social functions are also held occasionally throughout the year. Anyone who is interested in Kendo is more than welcome to come and watch our training sessions to find out more.

Amongst our members and instructors, are people who have international experience, as well as State and national representatives. Our members come from all walks of life, and our club consists of Monash University Students, Staff, Alumni, and members of the greater community.

Our Instructors
Yoichi Yano - Kyoshi 7th Dan
Noriko Matsumoto - 6th Dan
Kaori Dimovski - 5th Dan
Kazuya Kimura - 5th Dan