Kickboxing Club

Frequently Asked Questions 

What's happening now?
Semester 1 training has begun - memberships are available for purchase now and will be until the end of week 5.

When and where does training take place?
Training takes place at Monash Sport Clayton, in the Martial Arts Hall. 
Training times: Beginners & Intermediates/ Advanced > Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30pm - 9:30pm. 
                        Intermediates/ Advanced > Mondays from 4:30pm - 6:30pm. 

How do I join?
If you want to try out our classes first, you can purchase trial class tickets for o-week and week 1. If you want to become a member, you can purchase a membership from our Connected Communities store. Just click the blue button that says Join or Renew and fill out the forms, it's that easy!

I don't want to buy a membership just yet, does MUKC provide trial classes? 
Yes, we do. Trial classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursday during orientation week and Week 1. We do not have trial classes during the semester.
These sessions cost $5 each and can be purchased through our Connected Communities store. 
Products (

How much are the memberships?
Semester 1 and 2 memberships are $200 for Monash students, and $260 for non Monash students.

I've done Muay Thai/Kickboxing before, will MUKC be challenging enough for me?
Definitely! Plenty of our members have martial arts backgrounds and a high skill level. We have advanced classes on Mondays which include a lot of sparring and more advanced padwork. While Tuesdays and Thursdays typically don't have sparring until later in the semester, they're still a good workout, and our coaches will make sure you're not bored. We also have fight nights where you can go a bit harder in sparring, and we can arrange for you to do interclub sparring through the gym we're associated with, Fight Club Melbourne. 

Do I need gear for training? 
Yes, you do need gear for training. Although this is not the case for the first couple weeks of training, we do encourage our members to get their hands on gear as soon as possible to get the full training experience. 
The gear needed are:

16 oz Boxing Gloves

I don't have any gear. What do I do?
Specific Kickboxing gear will be necessary during training, after the first couple of weeks. There are three options for purchasing gear:
1) Get your own - You are allowed to purchase your own gear from your favourite outlets. 
2) Order our Gear Pack - MUKC provides a gear pack from the Fight Club at the rate of approx. $110 and includes the gear listed above.
3) Mix and Match - We do provide indivdual gear that you can purchase in case you already have parts of our gear pack. 
Feel free to have a chat with us any day for guidance with choosing the proper gear. Because we order everyone's gear from our supplier at the same time, please wait to buy our gear products until after trial classes once you've received further instructions from the MUKC committee.

How can I contact the MUKC team?
There are many ways to get in touch, you can contact us online or talk to the committee members in person at training. Feel free to use them for club related enquiries as often as needed. 

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