Weekly classes
Day Time Skill level
Monday 4:30-6:30pm Intermediate/advanced
Tuesday 7:30-9:30pm All skill levels
Thursday 7:30-9:30pm All skill levels

Membership duration
  • Semester 1: 22nd feb to 14th July 
  • Semester 2: 19th july to 17th of november 
  • Summer 2022-2023: 22nd November to 16th February 
Fight Night dates:
  1. Semester 1 - April 23rd 
  2. Semester 2 - October 1st (unconfirmed)
Other events:
  • Our Saturday training day will be the 9th of April 2022
  • Camp (if overnight events are unbanned by Monash in the near future) will be during the mid year holidays.
We hold at least 1 banging social event per month, such as Nott nights, bowling, post-training dinner and swotvac study sessions :)