Outdoors Club


International students may know this sport as ‘hiking’. However, beware!  If you ever hear someone in Australia telling you they’re going mountaineering then they must have gotten us confused with New Zealand.

Even our highest mountains which are blessed with snow on occasion are dense with Eucalyptus Trees and ferns (what we call ‘bush’). In fact there are so many beautiful peaks in Victoria that are accessible simply by walking. That begs the question – what else could you possibly be doing but walking in the bush?

Australia is blessed with a wide variety of landscapes. Plush rainforests in areas such as Wilsons Prom and lower Mount Buffalo region, marshlands in the southwest of Victoria, the desert regions of north Victoria and a lot of beautiful coastlines, some just a short drive away.

We also have a wide variety of stunning wildlife. From the thrill of seeing snakes (don’t worry – they don’t usually bite) to the joy of suddenly have a kangaroo bounce up and away metres away from you. Bushwalking is one of the more popular activities the club offers, and there are a huge variety of trips run, from beginner day walks to multi-day hikes suitable only for those who love the feeling of blisters on their heels.