Art Design Architecture Student Society, Monash (MADASS)

MADASS brings together the students of Art, Design and Architecture through our social, academic and networking events.

Arts Society, Caulfield (CAS)

CAS is a club that provides students with the opportunity to break the cycle of study and socialise with other students - Arts kids or other!

Arts Students, Society of (SAS)

SAS represents all Arts students at Monash and is a welcoming, exuberant and supportive student society.

ASEAN Monash

Standing for the Association of South East Asian Nations, ASEAN stand for providing students with an exciting, fun and friendly social experience at uni!

Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Our purpose is to allow students to foster a sense of identity within their university life that will positively shape their future during, and after university.

Australia-China Youth Association Monash (ACYA)

ACYA is a vibrant community of young Australians and Chinese interested in further understanding each others countries.

Badminton Club (Caulfield)

Monash Caulfield Badminton Club (Caulfield)

Bangladesh Students Association of Monash University (BSAMU)

The Bangladesh Students’ Association of Monash University (BSAMU) is enthusiastic about promoting and nurturing Bangladeshi culture on campus.

Big Band, Monash University

The Monash Big Band is a student-run band that makes great music!

Biological Society, Monash

The Biological Society is a society for anyone with an interest in Biology.

Biomedical Society, Monash University (Biomed)

Monash Biomedical Science Society - We're into experimentation. We're all about making your move into uni life as smooth and effortless as laminar blood flow.

Boardgames Society, Monash (MBS)

Monash Boardgames Society (MBS) is the university club for fans of boardgaming and wargaming.


Join the Monash Boardriders! - Surfing, snowboarding and skating - From beginner to advanced - Day trips and camps - Visit some of the best beaches and mountains throughout Australia and abroad! - Meet people and have fun!

Business & Commerce Students Society (BCSS)

The Business and Commerce Students’ Society (BCSS) is committed to ensuring our members enjoy a smooth transition from high school to university, and ultimately into rewarding employment.

Business & Commerce Students Society (BCSS) Caulfield

BCSS is one of the largest student societies at Monash University. We are committed to ensuring that our members enjoy a smooth transition from high school to university, and ultimately into rewarding employment.