Business School Broadcasting (BSB)

Here at BSB, you will be presented with endless opportunities to enrich your university experience. BSB specialises in producing high quality media content with themes running from business to personal development.

Business Student Society, Peninsula (PBSS)

The Peninsula Business Students Society (PBSS) is a student-led club that provides academic and career development to its student members.

Cambodian Association, Monash (MCA)

Based at Clayton, MCA is focused on providing a support network for students with a Cambodian background as well as promoting to the wider community the rich history, culture and heritage of Cambodia through events and activities.

Campus Christian Movement (CCM) Caulfield

CCM is a multinational and multicultural group catering to a wide range of local and international students, regardless of race, cultural or religious background.

Campus Christian Movement, Monash Clayton (CCM)

"We love because he first loved us."- 1 John 4:19.

Cantonese Student Association (CSA)

Cantonese Student Association is a culture club for ALL students to learn about Cantonese language, food culture, music, games and more.

Card Collective, Monash (MCC)

The Monash Card Collective meets every Wednesday night to hang out and play card games of all kinds.

Catholics, Monash

Monash Catholics (MC) is a club which aims to provide a nurturing environment for the spiritual growth of Catholics at Monash University.

Cheer & Dance

Monash Cheer & Dance offers cheerleading and dance, catering to students who are absolute beginners, through to experienced athletes. We have four cheer teams, and eight dance teams across the styles of Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical.

Chemical Engineers, Society for Monash University (SMUCE)

The Society of Monash University Chemical Engineers (SMUCE) strives to expose our fellow students to the chemical engineering world, bridging the gap between the classroom and the world outside university.

Chemistry Students, Society of (SoCS)

Every good relationship needs some chemistry. So if you’re looking for your next club to join, then look no further than SoCS, because we’ve got plenty of chemistry ;)

Chess Club, Monash University

Monash University Chess Club is a club devoted towards playing the fun and challenging board game that is chess.

Chinese Debating Team, Monash (MCDT)

MCDT provides its members with regular social activities, giving you the opportunity to meet a lot of friends who may have similar subjects or majors, as well as familiarising you to uni life at Monash

Chinese Student Association, Monash (MCSA)

MCSA is dedicated to providing students with the widest range of resources to ensure a smooth transition into university and through to graduation.

Choral Society, Monash University (MonUCS)

The Monash University Choral Society (or MonUCS, as we call ourselves) is one of the oldest student-run clubs at Monash University.