Financial Management Association Of Australia (FMAA)

We aim to foster professionalism among our members and facilitate the interaction between our members and firm employers by organising networking events, case competitions, professional skill development workshops and other firm-tailored events.

Financial Management Association of Australia, Monash University Branch (FMAA)

It is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastically supported student bodies on campus, enjoying a strong reputation for energy and professionalism.

French Society, Monash (MFS)

Monash French Society (M.F.S) is the go-to organisation at Monash for all things French!

Games Club, Parkville (PGC)

Parkville Games Club is all about gaming. Whether you're a hardcore Candy Crush player, a chess master, an avid Fifa professional, or a retro gamer, this is the place for you.

GLEAM – Queers in STEM

GLEAM is a student group for Queer+ identifying science, technology, engineering and maths students at Monash University.

Green Thumbs Club, Monash

Join Monash Green Thumbs and take the opportunity to get connected with fellow campus users and most importantly, connect to the healing and nurturing essence of Mother Earth.

Greens Society, Monash University (MUGS)

If you support progressive politics, environmentalism, social justice, non-violence, grassroots democracy and a future for all of us, the Monash Uni Greens Society has lots to offer.

Hellenic Students Society Inc., Monash (MHSS)

At MHSS, we're passionate about introducing students to Greek culture through events like tavern nights, souvlaki days, sweets days and Greek conversation classes.

Hockey Club

Monash University Hockey Club

Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)

HKSA has been a leading association across Melbourne since 1990. We present a wide range of activities to provide our members with every opportunity to make friends on campus throughout the year, especially between different cultures.


HongKostralia is the first club created by Hong Kong students from the Peninsula campus. We are dedicated to providing our members with academic and social support, as well as to promoting cross-cultural awareness.

Indian Club, Monash Multicultural (MMIC)

At MMIC, we provide a platform where you can find a new family of friends, celebrate occasions, and taste cuisines with new international meet-ups of cultural exchange. We make it easy for you to learn about other cultures but also to share your own.

Indian Cultural Society, Monash (MICS)

The Monash Indian Cultural Society (MICS) is one of our university’s esteemed clubs born out of our extensive Indian community.

Indonesian Club, Monash

The Monash Indonesian Club is a place where students could build up friendships and knowledge of Indonesian language and culture.

Indonesian Students Association (ISA)

ISA aims to create a family away from home to Indonesian students at Monash University. We aim to sustain Indonesian culture, represent Indonesia at Monash University, as well as contributing to other communities and nations.