International Affairs Society, Monash (MIAS)

The Monash International Affairs Society (MIAS) is an apolitical society which caters for those who share a passion for travel, international affairs and world politics.

International Student Association, Parkville (PISA)

Parkville International Students Association (PISA) is the official representative for all international students at Monash University, including undergraduate, graduate and exchange students.

Investing & Trading Monash, University Network for (UNIT)

UNIT aims to teach skills that classrooms cannot; we want to share our knowledge to give people the skills to be financially independent.

Islamic Society, Monash University (MUIS)

Monash University Islamic Society (MUIS) represents and supports the needs of muslim students on campus.

Islamic Society, Monash University (MUIS) Parkville

MUIS Parkville invites both Muslims and non-Muslims alike to partake in the variety of social, cultural and spiritual events to be offered throughout the year.

Italian Club, Monash University

AMICI is the Italian word for friends, and the club promotes exactly that. The Italian club aims to unite students, teachers, and friends alike who share a passion about the Italian language and culture.

Japanese Club, Monash (MJC)

The Monash Japanese Club is a place where you can pursue your interests in all things Japan.

Jewish Students Society, Monash (MonJSS)

MonJSS is the Jewish students’ representative body at Monash University’s Clayton campus, co-ordinating year-round social, cultural and political events.

Jewish Students, Australian Union of (AUJS) Caulfield

We offer support, friendship and fun for our members on campus, and we hope to do many more events and do more for our devoted members!

Jiu-Jitsu Club

Monash Jiu-Jitsu Club

Judo Club

Monash Judo Club ‘Ju’ means gentleness or giving way, and ‘do’ means way of life, thus making Judo mean literally ‘the gentle way’ or ‘the way of giving way.’

Juggling and Firetwirling, Monash Club of (MCJAF)

The Monash Club of Juggling and Firetwirling is a friendly group of circus-folk who meet every week to share skills.

Kendo Club

Interested in Japanese culture or traditional martial arts? Come practice kendo at the Monash University Kendo Club! Classes are run by qualified instructors and everyone is welcome to join.

Kickboxing Club

The Kickboxing Club welcomes you to an environment where your fitness and social goals are supported endlessly! We encourage all levels of Muay Thai experience to join us.

Korean Appreciation Student Association (KASA)

The Korean Appreciation Student Association (KASA) is a club for students to learn and share their love for Korean culture, whether that is traditional or popular Korean culture (music, dance, dramas, food and more).