Overseas Christian Fellowship, Monash University (OCF)

Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a community that gathers to worship Jesus Christ, learn from the Bible, pray and fellowship with one another.

Oxfam at Monash

Oxfam at Monash aims to support Oxfam Australia’s goal of ‘creating a just world without poverty’ by sharing knowledge about poverty and other social injustices, and by activating our members to create positive change.

Pacific Students, Monash Association of (MANA Association)

MANA is a hub of students of Pacfic island background or have a great appreciation for the culture.

Paramedic Society, Monash University (PARASOC)

PARASOC is one of the biggest social clubs at the Monash Peninsula campus, with an emphasis on providing students with the social and educational opportunities that make university some of the best years of their lives.

Pharmaceutical Science Society

PSS is the cohort club at Parkville for all Pharmaceutical Science students

Philharmonic Society, Monash University (MUPS)

Today, the Phil strongly promotes music within Monash University and the Monash area, regularly giving concerts on campus and in other venues nearby. We also collaborate with other local music organisations.

Philosophy Society, Monash

The Monash Philosophy Society (MPS) seeks to stimulate an interest in philosophy and facilitate a lifelong love of wisdom.

Physics, Astro & Maths, Society for (SPAM)

The main purpose of SPAM is to provide events for students with an interest in any of physics, astrophysics, astronomy, mathematics, and related areas!

Physiotherapy Society, Monash University (MUPS)

MUPS welcomes physiotherapy students from all four years of the degree. We offer many events throughout the year which definitely bring the physiotherapy community closer together.

Planet Uni

PlanetUNI is the university student club associated with Planetshakers Church. As a social, drug–and–alcohol–free club, we believe that university life is more than libraries, examinations, and tutorials.

Power to Change, Monash (PTC)

We are committed in seeing an attractive and effective Christian presence on our university campus. We want to give each university student the chance to hear about Jesus Christ and how He is relevant to our lives.

Progressive Law Network, Melbourne East Branch (PLN)

Passionate about effecting social and environmental change through the law, the Progressive Law Network (PLN) encourages university students from all disciplines to engage with legal challenges facing their communities.

Radiation Students’ Society, Monash (MRSS)

Monash Radiation Students' Society (MRSS) aims to create an inclusive environment for students studying Radiation courses. 


Student-run, not-for-profit organisation, promoting international health. Educating students about global healthcare issues concerning disadvantaged groups. Founded in Monash University, Parkville campus.

Role Players, Monash University (MURP)

Monash University Role Players (MURP) is one of the largest special interest clubs at Monash University.