Shorinji Kempo

A martial art that involves:
- Kicking
- Punching
- Takedowns and throws
- Pins


**About Shorinji Kempo and the Monash Club** Shorinji Kempo is an international martial art based on punching, kicking, blocking, takedowns, throws, joint locks and pins. It is a martial art for males and females. The techniques are based on speed, balance, pressure points and body movement and don't require physical strength. Training occurs regularly, where participants are put through gradings that eventually lead to black belt. The emphasis is not on competition but learning techniques effectively in semi real applications. Shorinji Kempo Melbourne trains within the Monash University, Clayton Campus. Established in 1983, we are currently under the guidance of sensei Mike Moore, 4th Dan. There are currently 5 branches in Australia;   Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. All branches are affiliated with the World Shorinji Kempo Organisation in Japan. Every few years, an Oceania study session is run. This involves senior instructors from Japan travelling to Australia for a weekend of training and fun. It is a great experience as it allows us to meet and train with all other kenshi from around Australia and New Zealand.

Free Self Defence course

Our club is presenting a free self defence course for Monash students

27/2, 1/3, 6/3 6.30pm- 7.30pm  Martial arts Hall   Enquiries: