It’s time to introduce you to the people behind the scenes that actually make all these great trips and events happen. We have a committee of 20 individuals who volunteer their time and effort to make MUSC the best club at Monash (even if we are slightly biased…). You should recognise most of them here today - don’t be afraid to go and talk to any of them and ask any questions you may have!

Emma Casalaz – President

In her fourth year as a MUSC Committee member and sixth year at Uni, Emma is a seasoned professional when it comes to both Uni and MUSC. Emma is currently completing a double degree in Biomed/Law (ouch!) and is always keen to make new friends and welcome everyone to the club. Emma loves the MUSC community and all of the people she’s met along the way with her favourite thing about the club being the people (you couldn’t get a better bunch of friends if you tried). Emma also loves Après Ski so is always keen to make new friends to share some espresso martinis with!

Tao Chen – Vice President

Tao is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and this will be his third year on committee. He considers himself as an enthusiastic skier despite injuring himself early on in the previous season. He absolutely loves all the positive vibes MUSC brings and is extremely grateful for all the lifelong friends he has made over the years. Tao has been a part of MUSC since his first year and has loved every moment of it. He loves how friendly and welcoming everyone is and is keen on putting 2020 behind us. He is most looking forward to having a ripper year both on and off the slopes, so, be sure to go say hi, as Tao is also always keen on meeting new faces.

Reuben Roessler - Sectretary 

Reuben is currently completing a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Science while majoring in Applied Mathematics. Despite being an extremely busy man, you will always find him at our major events. Reuben is an enthusiastic diver who is always willing to put his speedos on to show you a few of his moves after downing a few drinks. He is super proud of the fact that despite being at uni for the past three years, he hasn’t attended a lecture since about week 3 of his first year. His fourth year at MUSC and his third on committee, Reuben absolutely loves the sheer positivity and the friendliness of everyone who is part of the club. He is so thankful for all the lifelong friends he has made and is keen for another amazing year

Zack Heap – Treasurer

Zack was bouncing from season to season until Covid-19 which sent him hurtling back to reality and into a master’s in development economics... Zack has been involved in MUSC since his first year at Uni and is now heading into his 2nd year as treasurer. He can't stay away from being involved in the club and loves all things skiing, especially the après afterwards. MUSC is all about the people and embracing the love for enjoying the outdoors in the Mountains, and that's why he loves it so much!

Julian Siedle - Clubweek Coordinator

Julian is in charge of our famous Clubweek for 2021! Despite being the worst skier on committee, he is certainly not the least enthusiastic and is completely devoted to ensuring that this years Clubweek is the best one yet. Although Julian will be going into his fouth year studying a double degree in Law and Engineering, you’ll be sure to find Julian both on and off the slopes. This young man is ‘thrilled’ to be in charge of Clubweek and vows to make it even better than previous years for both newcomers and snow sports veterans. We cannot wait to see what he has planned for the MUSC family!

Katy Shaw - Falls Trip Coordinator

I’m Katy, this will be my fourth year in musc and first on committee. I am so keen to hit the slopes and send it with you all this year to make up for the hiatus that was last year. Being a winter baby, winter is my favourite season so much so that up until this year I hadn’t really seen the summer sun for more than a week since 2017...heaps excited to see us all back out there on the slopes this year!

Bella Dudowski - Buller Beginners Trip Coordinator

Bella is currently in her third year of a Law/Science double degree and this will be her third year in MUSC but first on committee! She has loved skiing since she was little (although lacks the skills to show this). MUSC has been one of the highlights of university life and definitely the best way to make friends. She can personally attest to this, having gone on her first MUSC trip knowing no one but returning with life-long friends and priceless memories. The welcoming and easy going nature of MUSC mean a good time with awesome people is always guaranteed. Bella is excited to meet new people and always up for a good chat over drinks or coffee to fuel her caffeine addiction.

Maddie Walker - Hotham Shredaway Trip Coordinator

In her third year at uni, studying a double degree in arts and science, this will be Maddies second year on committee. Her favourite thing about MUSC is the warm welcoming arms of every member and the endless opportunities to make new lifelong friends. She is a passionate snowboarder who can be found on the slopes all day and then at après. Despite being unqualified, Maddie will constantly provide you with unsolicited medical advice and after a few drinks she will go on to show off her yoga skills. As our Hotham coordinator, Maddie is most looking forwards to meeting new people both on and off the slopes

Rowina Nathan - Day Trip Coordinator

Following her first summer in many years (after chasing winter until COVID hit), Rowina can’t wait to hit the slopes. As our day trips coordinator, Rowina will be organising short, affordable but jam-packed skiing days. Always up for a good time, Rowina loves MUSC because she gets to meet people from lots of different degrees. A keen cross-country skiier, she is keen to introduce MUSC to the other kind of skiing. Rowina is doing honours in astrophysics this year, but don’t worry, she can still party like an undergrad!

Lionel Ribeiro - IT Manager

In his fourth year as a MUSC member and first year on the committee, Lionel is keen to return to the slopes and is looking forward to managing our online presence this year. He is always keen to meet new people and always enjoys a big night out after a long day on the slopes with his beloved MUSC mates. He loves that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a bit of a pro or a complete jerry, everyone always has a ripper time and gets around each other at MUSC! He is studying Economics & Finance and is looking forward to a great 2021.

Sarah Lo Schiavo - Sponsorship and Marketing

Sarah is in charge of our sponsorships and marketing this year. Sarah is an avid skier, who loves to ski with all her friends. Her favourite part about being in MUSC is the lifelong friendships she has made while also enjoying her time on the slopes. Sarah has previous experience working in sponsorship and marketing and so is the perfect candidate to help MUSC this year! Sarah is super excited to meet all the new members this year and we can't wait to see what she has in store for us!

Jack Petsinis - Graphics and Design

G’day, I’m Jack and I’m in charge of Graphics and Design for 2021. I’m just about to start my fifth year of my Bachelor of Architecture degree and it’s also my fifth year as a MUSC member. A fun fact about myself is that MUSC is the only club that I have ever joined at uni (so don’t get sucked in at O-week children). I’m always up for a great ski and a cheeky après boogie with mates and one of my favourite things about MUSC is being around absolute ripper people that are like minded (i.e. skiing is superior, and Buller is the best mountain).

Bella Macdonald - Welfare Manager

Now in her fifth year at MUSC (she keeps making her degree longer to stick around), Bella is studying a bachelor of psychology and intends to follow a career in clinical psychology. She’s a veteran skier, put on the slopes at 3 years old, and while speed is not her style, you’ll spot her on the slopes as she is on the dance floor, a controlled mess having the best time of her life. Bella is passionate about welfare because she loves to help people. She’s also secretly a big nerd and finds few things more satisfying than comprehensive risk assessments and trip paperwork, which keeps us in Team Monash’s good books. Bella is so excited to spend this year with MUSC, shredding, boogying, and having an absolute blast with old and new friends alike!

Sam Witney - Off Campus Rep

Sam is our Off Campus Representative for the 2021 season. A long-time member, this is his second year on the committee. He recently finished his Bachelors of Business but is sticking around for Post-Grad study (but mainly to continue hanging with us). Sam loves both Skiing and Boarding, as well as après, but his favorite part of the club is all the great friends he’s made in his time with us.

James Allen - On Campus Rep

James is not an elite skier like a lot of people on the committee, however, he knows how to have an elite time making friends and having a good laugh. Coming into his fourth year as a MUSC member and first year on committee, James is keen to see that everyone has a great time on and off the slopes whether or not they remember it the next day. James is currently studying a double degree in biomed and commerce and enjoys having a blast with his mates from MUSC. His favourite MUSC trip is clubweek.

Campbell Nadjecki-Devine - On Campus Rep

IThis is Campbell's third year as a part of the MUSC club and his second on the committee. He's excited to help foster some friendly interuniversity competition. Campbell's in his third year of his science degree, majoring in psychology and past athlete in snowboarding so he knows exactly how to pump you up to do a triple backflip! His favourite thing about MUSC is that it feels like it’s a big family and everyone is willing to ride and have fun.