Pub Walk 1.0

Pub Walk is the first event on our MUSC social calendar, and each year this event gets bigger and better! Make new friends as you go from bar to bar along Chapel Street, mingle with plenty of old and new members, make memories and take photos that will both likely be blurry the next day. Our Pub Walk is a fantastic chance to meet some like-minded friends in your first few weeks of uni so that you don’t have to be that first year eating launch alone on campus. Tickets are cheap and so are the drinks! A good time is just about guaranteed, this is a night out you will not regret.

Semester Launches

For all of our major snow trips we hold a launch at Clayton campus. This will give you the opportunity to grab a snag as you snag your spot on one (or many) of our phenomenal trips and social events. These launches allow members to gather on campus and meet each other prior to the big trips themselves. Come down and say g’day to the committee while we sort you out for some unforgettable MUSC experiences.

Bounce Night

Just because there’s no snow in Melbourne, doesn’t mean we can’t still have an awesome time doing tricks and flips! At MUSC we ensure that we’re a club that has something happening all year round. Our bounce night is just one example of this, bring out your inner kid and play dodgeball while you send it on all the different trampolines! What could be more fun than this? Well skiing, probably, but when that’s not an option this sure is! We often follow it up with some drinks at a nearby bar, so be sure to come along for a great night!

Boat Cruise

A staple in the MUSC calendar, Boat Cruise is a chance to re-connect with all the new friends you’ve made during the semester at our events. Once you walk the plank there’s no going back... from an incredible night on the water partying with your closest mates from MUSC! Included in your ticket is food, good vibes, great tunes, and cheap drinks! This is only for those of you who are quick enough to secure a spot, this is a night you MUSC be a part of! Our Boat Cruise is sure to leave you wanting more – which is why we kick on with an afterparty well into the night!

Ice Skating

Keeping with our winter theme, previously MUSC has teamed up with the O’Brien Ice House in Docklands! The ice house is a great event for anyone wanting to try out something new or just have a laugh with mates. Some people take this as a warm up to the snow season, nothing like getting on the ice and having a skate around with your mates before the season even starts! Come along to one of our ice-skating night to make the most of your MUSC membership. Just like our Bounce night, this is usually followed up with a couple drinks at a bar in the city.