Squash Club

Code of Conduct

The Squash Club’s Code of Conduct sets out minimum standards of behaviour for all members of Monash University Squash Club. The Code is designed to ensure that every Squash Club member can enjoy playing squash in a safe and inclusive environment. The Code applies to both members and visitors to the club.

1. Safety

Squash is a non-contact sport that requires sharing a small space room with another player, both of which require adequate space when it is their turn to hit the ball to ensure a safe and fair game.

1.1   When it is a player’s turn to play the next shot

Players must stop play when there is a possibility of hitting the other player with a racquet, hitting the other player with the ball, or crashing into each other. The player whose turn it is to play the next shot can call a ‘let’ after which it is up to the referee, or in absence of a referee, the players can decide to replay the rally or to award a point to the ‘let’ caller.

1.2 After a player has played a shot

The player who has played the shot must give the other player fair access to the ball and provide enough space for a reasonable swing. A player must not block the other player from hitting the ball directly to the front wall.

1.3 Dangerous play

If you find yourself playing with someone who is playing in a dangerous manner you can try to resolve the matter yourself by referencing the Squash Club’s Code of Conduct. If you are unable or unwilling to resolve the matter yourself, you are encouraged to notify the Squash Club Committee about the matter. Dangerous play should not be ignored as it can potentially lead to serious injuries such as blindness.

1.4 Contact

Players must not intentionally make contact with another player. Every effort should be made to avoid contact but when accidental contact does occur, players should apologise to ensure that it is clear to all that the contact was accidental.

2. Inclusion

Monash University Squash Club is open to everyone that supports the Club’s objective to provide a safe and inclusive environment to play squash. Anyone can join the club regardless of skill level, political affiliation, religious beliefs, conspiracy beliefs, sexual preference, gender, race, species, or identifying with any other non-discriminatory group. Club members must respect each other’s differences and should remember that we all have common ground; the enjoyment of playing squash!

3. Training sessions

Every Squash Club member is entitled to equal access to a squash court at Club training sessions regardless of skill level. Club members are required to know and follow the training session rules. There are sometimes children present at Club training so every Club member should aim to behave in a family friendly manner.

4. Competitive play

4.1 Pennant

Pennant is a team sport and Club members that choose to participate in pennant must support their team. This includes responding to the team captain’s notifications promptly, arriving at the designated venue on time and notifying the captain when running late. To ensure that matches start on time, all pennant players must arrive at the designated venue on time. That is, if pennant starts at 7pm, all players of the team should arrive at the venue by 7pm.

4.2 Tournaments

Tournaments run on a schedule and participants should make every effort to be on court at the designated time. Club members that sign up for a Club tournament but are unable to make it should notify the event organiser as soon as possible.

4.3 As a player

When playing pennant or any other competitive squash match, all players must always respect decisions taken by referees. While a player can dispute a referee’s decision, the player should do so respectfully however the referee is under no obligation to change a decision once it has been made. Refereeing can be a tough job so players should avoid giving them a hard time as stressful interactions can drive people out of squash.

4.4 As a Referee

When refereeing, all Club members should treat all players fairly, respectfully, and consistently. The Referees decisions are always final and players must always respect it.

5. Membership obligations

Club members must ensure their membership renewal fees are paid before the due date.  Members that do not pay their membership fees will lose access to club training and will not be included in pennant teams.

6. Cooperation with volunteers

All members and visitors must cooperate with reasonable instructions from club volunteers. This includes but is not limited to showing photo ID and proof of membership purchase at club training or any other club event. Individuals must under no circumstances provide misleading information to volunteers.

Version 1.1 – 10/9/2023