Types of Memberships

Anyone interested in joining is given 3 free trial sessions before committing to a membership.

The fees for training with the Monash University Taekwondo Club come in one of two forms, depending upon your preference.

regular membership, once paid for, entitles the holder to attend as many sessions as he or she pleases during the timeframe specified. This form of membership is encouraged for members who expect that they will be attending classes regularly throughout a semester or longer.

casual membership entitles the holder to attend a specified number of classes during a calendar year. If the holder then reaches the limit on the number of classes that they can attend, a renewal pass can be purchased to extend the number of classes that they may attend that year. This form of membership is encouraged for members who expect that they will not be able to attend many classes over a year.

Price List

Regular Memberships

Early Bird Discounted Price Normal Price
Monash Non-Monash Monash Monash Alumni Non-Monash
Annual $208 $258 $228 $238 $283
Semester $147 $182 $162 $167 $202

Casual Memberships

New Membership Renewal Pass
6 Session Pass $5 (for membership) + $45 = $55 $50
12 Session Pass $5 (for membership) + $95 = $100 $95

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird discounts are an approximately 10% reduction in the price of a regular membership.

For Annual and Semester 1 memberships, the offer for the Early Bird discount will expire at the end of Thursday 18th March 2021.


How do I become a member?

To become an official member of the Monash University Taekwondo Club, please click on the 'Join or Renew' button. You will need to fill in a registration form and purchase the membership product that applies to you (Monash, Alumni or Non-Monash).

If you have already purchased a Casual Membership (ie. 6 or 12 session pass) and your sessions have expired, you can renew the pass by purchasing the '2022 Casual Pass Renewal' which will be available in the Products section of the website.