Inter-University Training

We hold two inter-university training sessions each year. You'll get to meet fellow TKD-ers from universities across Melbourne. These are great opportunities to bring together and train with universities from across the state, rekindle old friendships and create new ones.... maybe even meet the people you'll spar with in the future!


Handicap Sparring

Same as your traditional sparring. Two people going head to head on the mats where the fighter with the highest score wins BUT… with a twist. Each team can have a set of handicaps that they can choose from and handicap the enemy fighter. Examples of handicaps are spinning in a circle until you become dizzy before you begin, right leg kicks only, arms in hogu (see image) or even a 2v1! Come participate in this chaotic battle or even just sit back and enjoy the hilarious show!


Beach Training

Feeling cramped from training inside a heated hall where there is no cool breeze blowing at you? Come on down to the beach to have a fun and exciting beach training where not only do we train but have set up many fun activities for you to enjoy on the sand.


PJ Training

Feeling a bit lazy to come training today? No worries! Just roll out of bed and come in your favourite PJ's! Now you have no excuse.