We are all about hard running, skillful play, quality banter, and great times. Interested in joining or want to learn a little more? Shoot us a message or sign-up online. Players of all skill level are welcome.


About Monash Touch Football

For 27 years, the Monash Vikings have been a thriving member of the Victorian touch football community. We are a club that prides itself on its inclusivity and are thrilled to regularly encourage new members onto the field. We offer all individuals the opportunity to learn our sport and become a part of our vibrant social atmosphere. Students, graduates, the young, the old, both women and men, and ordinary community members - all are welcome to join the largest and most social touch football club in south-eastern Melbourne.

The Monash Vikings are the proud custodian of a rich history, an active and engaged alumni community, and a track record of developing amateur players into representative athletes. We are able to offer our members a broad array of competitive opportunities, from relaxed and social touch football, to teams you would think are playing for sheep stations. We engage highly qualified coaches so you will always have the support you need to better your understanding of the game and improve your individual skill set.

We are active all-year-round, competing on both a local and national basis. Our regular local events include the Big Blue University Clash (Monash vs Melbourne); Summer and Winter Fawkner Park Social Competitions; and both the Senior and Junior Victorian Touch Leagues. While the Australian UniSport Nationals; the NSW Touch Football State Cup; and the Sale, Yass, and Mount Gambier regional knockout tournaments are regional and national events we are sure to never miss. We are the most active touch football club in Melbourne and are proud of it.

Our Club, based out of Monash University Clayton Campus, has always maintained a supportive and welcoming environment. If you want to be involved, all you need to do is ask. We enjoy introducing our sport to newcomers and pride ourselves on our ability to develop continuing players. We also love to engage in social antics when the time is right. The atmosphere is always high, excitement levels brimming, and the banter flowing. If you are after the perfect university sporting experience, our club is the place for you.