Monash Underwater Club - Underwater Hockey and Snorkelling

[]~~~ Regular Intro sessions
[]~~~ All gear supplied
[]~~~ Twice/week
[]~~~ All levels accommodated
[]~~~ Qualified coaches
[]~~~ Breath taking experience guaranteed

About Us

Monash University Underwater Club has 2 core activities. 

  • Underwater Hockey

  • Snorkel coaching

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey is a competitive team sport, the objective is to put the puck into the opposition's goals.

The game is played in a 20 meter pool at a depth of 2 meters, with 6 a side, attired in snorkelling gear, and armed with a playing stick/bat.


Snorkelling is taught as a stepping stone to participating in Underwater Hockey; You need to learn to walk before you can run.

We can teach you the basics in your first session and you can expect to have a good handle on the techniques after 2 more sessions.