The Monash Underwater Club comprises of both Underwater HOCKEY and SCUBA Diving


Underwater Hockey
Underwater Hockey is a component of the Monash University Underwater Club that offers a competitive angle to the club's activities. Playing Underwater Hockey does not require diving experience or a qualification and the game is simple. A lead puck on the bottom needs to be moved into the opposition's goals. The game is played in a 25 meter pool at a depth of 2 meters, with 6 a side, attired in snorkelling gear, and armed with a playing stick/bat. Monash has a strong social component, but the club is open to a wide range of abilities from beginners to individuals who represent Australia. The club can fit you out with the required gear, so all you need is your bathers, come train with us at the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool twice a week!

Underwater Scuba
Whether you would like to earn your Open Water certificate or are already a qualified Cave Diver, Monash University Underwater Club is right for you! Our members participate in a wide range of diving hobbies, such as underwater photography, shore diving, wreck diving and technical diving. Join up, learn some new skills, hire affordable gear and have fun with some great people along the way! We want everyone to experience the amazing marine life Victoria has to offer.