Underwater Club

Open Invitation

Here is a general session plan for what you are likely to experience at one of our introduction sessions.

They run in 45 min blocks 715pm - 8.00pm, just prior to our normal game on Friday nights.

Go to contacts and and book yourself in.


Gear up

  • Mask fitting
    • Hair out of the way
    • Squeeze against face slight negative pressure via nose suck
  • Snorkel fitting
    • Lips around outer rim
    • Teeth gentle holding the teat
  • Fin fitting
    • Not to tight and not to loose

Hockey intro plan

  • Flicking Instruction
    • Holding the bat Thumb at rear edge
    • Show flicking edge (front & back). Top and bottom are playable
    • 80/20 rule 80% of flick is from the wrist 20% from the recoil in arm
  • Flicking & Swiming
    • Focus on the 80% bit
    • focus on positioning of puck on bat
    • Focus on making the puck spin
  • Turning Instruction
    • Happens from the stomach
    • Tilt body slightly to side you wil turn from
    • Allow legs to follow through
  • Turning Demo
    • Left turn
    • Right turn
  • Game
    • Working across the pool

Snorkelling Intro Plan

  • Clear snorkel
    • Expulsions (big exhale)
    • Displacement method (release some air just prior to hitting the surface
    • Pinching the snorkel to expel that final trickle of water
  • Clear mask
    • Pressure at top of mask
    • Lift the bottom of mask gently
    • Exhale through nose
  • Getting underwater
    • Duck dive using gravity
    • Reverse dive using gravity
    • Legs need to arc behind body as they descend