Monash University Volleyball Club Member Conditions 

Monash University Volleyball Club has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to its members.  As a member, I acknowledge and understand these measures are in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and I’m aware there is still a risk present.  I acknowledge and agree, the club will not be held liable and I’m electing to participate at my own risk.


All Monash University Volleyball Club members must adhere to the following requirements set out by the club.  Failure to comply with membership requirements may result in the membership being suspended.


Member Conditions

  • Restrictions and requirements will develop and change over time, members are responsible for ensuring they are up to date with club requirements.  A full list of member current requirements is available at

  • All members are strongly encouraged to use the COVIDSafe App (

  • Attendance ats club sessions is for the time period specified only, all members must “get in, train and get out”.  This includes being dressed ready for the session prior to attending the facility/location, not attending the session any more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and leaving the session immediately after it has concluded.

  • When attending a club session, the following requirements must be adhered to at all times;

    • No more than 10 people participating/training in a group (not including essential support staff and coach so long as they aren’t participating and/or encroaching on the participant's ‘training area’ which requires participants to have 4m² each).  Examples of those included in the group are people; participating, stepping into the training area, touching balls to run drills and coming within 1.5m of playing group.

    • No physical contact including high fives/hand shaking

    • Only attending club sessions the member has been allocated to

    • No socialising or group meals

    • Members must supply their own personal equipment (i.e. sweat towel, drink bottle), sharing of personal equipment is prohibited.  All personal equipment must be clean/maintained.

    • Physical distancing (>1.5 metres between people) must be maintained where possible (i.e. stretching, drink breaks etc.)

    • When arriving at a session, personal hand sanitising must take place immediately.  At the conclusion of the session, personal hand sanitising also must take place.

    • Good personal hygiene practices must be maintained at all times (e.g. no spitting, clearing of nasal/respiratory secretions) and sanitising during sessions as required (i.e. after sneezing or coughing)

  • Details of each member will need to be recorded on the ‘Attendance Register’ at all sessions

  • Where required, parents/guardians are to be limited to one per participant and observe social distancing requirements from all other persons and the training area.

  • Club sessions are limited to meetings of club officials (social distancing rules apply) and training sessions.  No socialising or gatherings are to take place.

  • Where possible travelling to and from sessions should take place as follows;

    • Maintain physical distancing when using shared services such as public transport, taxis and Ubers

    • Travel in car should only be with those from the same household

  • No participant who has entered the court in any capacity can partake in other groups on the same evening.  Where all required participant tracking and hygiene practices are in place, participants can partake in multiple sessions in the same week so long as they are only participating in no more than one session per night.

  • Members are not to attend a session should they be unwell or have any symptoms of COVID-19 (refer to

  • Members must immediately notify a COVID-19 Officer and/or the COVID-19 Safety Coordinator (and not attend a session) if;

    • They are experiencing flu-like symptoms or any symptoms of COVID-19

    • Have a confirmed case of COVID-19

    • Have been in contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days

    • Travelled internationally within the previous 14 days

  • Members experiencing symptoms must contact a Doctor or the National Hotline (1800 020 080)

  • Where someone reports to the Club for the aforementioned, the member will not be allowed to attend a session until they have been tested and cleared of COVID-19. Proof of a COVID-free test result must be supplied to the club and approval given prior to commencing.

  • Where a member has a confirmed case, those who have been in contact with the person in the previous 14 days according to attendance records will be notified.

  • Members are encouraged to avoid use of shared/public amenities such as showers and water fountains when accessing facilities


Monash University Volleyball Club acknowledges this period of uncertainty, may impact the mental health of our members.  Should you need support, please speak with Beyond Blue ( or 1300 22 4636).