John-Paul Fuller-Jackson


Monash Wushu is very pleased to announce that our Return to Play Plan has been approved and training is scheduled to resume from 9th of July. With everyone’s cooperation, we expect that training will generally feel like normal. For consideration of everyone’s safety, the following details and conditions will apply for everyone intending to participate:

• At this stage, classes will run for 45 minutes
• Classes will run on Thursday 7:30-8:15pm & Friday 6:00-6:45
• We will be adhering to a “get in, train, get out” principle
• Where possible, participants will be expected to punctual and be ready to commence and conclude training on time – maximising our opportunity to train and allowing for change over and cleaning between groups
• Change rooms will be open and available for use
• Classes will be capped at a maximum of 10 participants
• Memberships will be $50 and last until training returns to normal duration (2 hours)
• Members will need to indicate via our Facebook event (preferable) or by contacting Monash Wushu to indicate intention to train at a given class
• Participants will be required to provide a name and contact number for attendance records to be held by Monash – please PM us these details prior to training so we don’t spend our training time recording them
• Equipment will be designated to individuals and labelled for use by only one person – i.e. no sharing of equipment (cudgels, swords etc.)
• Alcohol wipes will be provided to wipe down equipment after use
• Hand sanitiser will be available in the sports centre and additional will be provided by the club
• Participants must maintain 1.5 meters of distance at all times
• Drink bottle refill stations will be operational, however participants are encouraged to bring their own drink bottles (no sharing of course)
• Storage of personal belongings will also need to be a minimum of 1.5 meters distance
• People from postcodes currently in lock down will not be able to attend training
• Bringing friends and spectators is discouraged, however it can be accommodated if required just communicate with us so we can be prepared and designate a spectator/guest zone
• People who are interested in trying a class, please contact us prior to turning up so we can confirm we accommodate numbers
• Please don’t come to training if you are feeling sick
• Please keep yourselves informed via:
• Please see the following fact sheet: