Indigenous Unisport Nationals

Date: 26 - 30th June 2022

Location: Brisbane, QLD

The Indigenous Nationals is a week-long multisport competition for indigenous student-athletes.

The annual event aims to bring together student-athletes from universities across Australia to compete in 4 sports - Touch Football, Basketball, Netball and Volleyball.

One multi-disciplined team is sent from each University. Each sport is competed over one day and at the conclusion of the week, one university team is crowned the champion of the games.

Indigenous Nationals is an amazing environment to not only celebrate the rich sporting culture of indigenous Australia but to also acknowledge the heritage and history of the participating student-athletes. The 26th Indigenous Nationals will be held on the land of the Turrbal and Yugara People.

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Home Team Score   Away Team Score Game Date Time Location
SUT 10 v. MON 31   27/6/2022 09:45 AM SDBA-C4
ANU 10 v. MON 30   27/6/2022 11:30 AM SDBA-C1
MON 15 v. MQU 17   27/6/2022 02:20 PM SDBA-C4
MON 23 v. AU 38 QF 2 27/6/2022 04:00 PM SDBA-C2


Touch Football

28 June



29 June



30 June

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