Who we are
Monash Dance Society (MDS) is a student run dance club based at Monash University Clayton Campus offering dance classes for both partner styles and solo styles. Some of our more popular styles include: Salsa, Street Choreography and Jazz. For a full range of our classes, click here.

MDS offers:

  • Weekly classes (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays) run by professional instructors of a variety of dance styles.
  • Open-floor Practice Sessions providing opportunities for social dancing and dance jams.

Social events
We host tons of social events throughout the year. Keep your eye out for an array of socials! Make sure to never miss an event by checking out our Facebook calendar, our events calendar or visiting our events page.

MDS is a part of FFAMM, a collective of university dance clubs in Melbourne (including Flare, Funkadelics, AOS & MMJ). If you're an MDS member, you become a part of the FFAMMily and receive special offers to events during the year!

Where to find us
We are located on Monash University, Clayton Campus. All classes are held in the dance studio which is under the Campus Centre in the Basement. Tips to help you find us:

  • Look for BOOST JUICE outside the campus centre
  • Walk through the automatic Campus Centre glass doors
  • Walk towards the microwaves, and you will see the basement/fire door.
  • Go down the stairs to our front desk and the Rehearsal Room!

Covid-19 safety information
To keep you and our other dancers safe, please follow some basic Covid Safe guidelines. For detailed information, please click here.

  1. If you are unwell, please do not attend classes or events.
  2. Use hand sanitiser before and after class.
  3. Wear a face mask at all times. This includes while dancing.
  4. Check-in to all classes and events.
  5. Adhere to social distancing and venue capacity requirements.



Campus centre, Basement

Come and join us for some light-hearted dance lessons and showcases!

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