The Wings for Life World Run takes place at the same time at numerous locations across the planet!
Everybody starts at exactly the same time, 9pm Melbourne time (11am UTC).
Once you’re caught by the catcher car, you’re ‘out’!


In 2019, Monash University are aiming to have the LARGEST team in the world! We need your help in raising much needed funds for spinal cord research and finding a cure!
The Wings for Life World Run occurs at the same time across the globe in the following places: Austria, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland and United Kingdom just to name a few. The location of this fantastic event is the Monash Freeway and start time is 9pm ADST. The novelty of this event is like nothing seen before. Instead of a finish line, runners and wheelchair competitors race side by side to keep ahead of the Catcher Car. Once caught by Catcher Car the race is over for that participant. This event is an experience of a lifetime!