Katerina Kostakos


Over 100 people gathered at Monash University on Friday March 24 to celebrate the  awarding of the 2022 Blues Awards. 

Since 1963, Monash has been awarding these blues to athletes in recognition of their outstanding achievements whilst representing Monash University. 

In the past, recipients have included Olympians, Commonwealth Games representatives, World Champions, as well as countless other national and state champions and University Games champions.

87 students from 11 sports were awarded a Blues Award for their performances in 2022.

Chairperson of the 2022 Blues Committee, Lucy Dawson says that being on the committee has been a great way to stay connected with the community and be a part of celebrating students’ success.

“It’s a wonderful experience where we can give back and recognise and celebrate these amazing achievements.”

“There's people who come and play sports at Monash where it doesn’t really mean much to them. But there's always a group of people within that group that get how important and wonderful it is.”

The Monash Cheer and Dance teams who won blues awards for their incredible accomplishments at national and world titles say the Blues Awards are a great opportunity to be recognised for their hard work.

“It’s a testament to the dedication that we've put in over the year, because we get the opportunity to represent this wonderful university.”

In its 60th year we were honoured to have in our presence, Peter McDonald who won an AFL blue in 1964 and David Horsburgh who also received a squash blue in the same year, along with Robin Horsburgh, who won a table tennis blue in 1967.

This is a testament to the community of alumni and blues awardees that support up and coming athletes and the new generation of students who are representing Monash at an outstanding level. We acknowledge and thank the work the blues committee and advisory group put in to ensure our athletes are recognised for their outstanding achievements.

We’d like to also extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who attended the night. Family and friends who have supported our Blues recipients and to the wider sporting community - the team organisers, coaches, assistants and club committees.

And once again, congratulations to each and every one of our Blues Awards recipients!

Full list of awardees

AFL - Alex Bennett, Macgregor Cameron & Jordan Storer

Badminton - Otto Zhao

Basketball - Tori Jackson & Jacqueline Trotto

Cheer and Dance - Malak Ababneh, Zoé Abi-Ghanem, Yonatan Andelman, Erin Anderson, Tasman Aspinall, Oliver Barr, Kiara Bayros, Holly Beecroft, Ella Bellman, Hanna Biaroza, Via Buena, Molly Butler, Millicent Castor, Annabelle Cavanagh, Lyndelle Chan, Annabelle Clarke, Rhiannon Clay, Amy Cole, Isabella Cortez, Tatiana Danyluk, Charlie Duval, Alyssa Engelman, Julia Farrar, Sarah Feltrin, Tamsyn Gately, Gabby Good, Lily Green, Isabelle Grigoriants, Mia Hanley, Monica Ibrahim, Emily Johnston, Gaya Juneja, Anna Khim, Angelina Klose-Walsh, Bianca Langenberg, Mia Lawley, Matthew Lee, Ingrid Lee, Bridget Lee, Mia Liao, Jasmin Liew, Charlotte Mack, Alyssa Mong, Kimberley Moss, Siana Myers, Viviana Nguyen, Holly Parker, Jenna Perkins, Angelica Rigopoulos, Grace Robson, Natalie Rollmann, Emma Ryan, Alyssa Scherianz, Aemilia Sherwell, Lachlan Shing, Kei Someda, Sienna Stuart-Williams, Michelle Talledo, Taneisha Thom, Elissa Tifere, Jasmine Toronis, Aimee Vuong, Isabel Walker, Mia Watkins, Tina Zheng

Hockey - Courtney Knowler, Eleanor Vearing, Remy Young, Shae Oliver, Chloe Barker, Amie Forster

Futsal - Henry Macdonald

Judo - Daniel Arzhintar

Mixed Netball - Lachlan Askew

Rowing - James Gardiner

Swimming - Olivia Lefoe, Flynn Phillips

Touch Football - Amitty Edgeworth, Lauren Pannuzio, Olivia Rundle

Photos from the evening can be found here.