Katerina Kostakos


The annual Chancellor’s Golf Cup Day saw more than 80 participants and 21 teams come together to raise money for Monash sporting clubs.

In its twelfth year held at Sandhurst Golf Course, Monash alumni, staff and sponsors raised over $10,000.

Benny Chiu who is an alumni and sponsor of the Chancellor’s cup says events like this serve multiple purposes in both a business and networking perspective as well as connecting back with Monash University.

“To get Infonyx's brand out there as a specialist full-service data analytics partner across multiple industry sectors; network with other like minded businesses; connect with Monash alumni and friends new and old; and ultimately, play a small part in delivering the best possible student-centred experience through our sporting clubs and elite athlete programs is why we enjoy participating in the Chancellor’s Cup.”

Chiu says he is proud to support Monash sporting clubs as it gives athletes and members the opportunity to thrive and develop as a community.

“Whether it's fee subsidies, uniforms, discounted equipment, competition fees and more. I know I can safely say that the sporting clubs and athletes involved are grateful and pleased to be supported by businesses,” he says.

“Just about all of us have Monash alumni, club members and elite athletes (both past and present) as part of our personnel. For businesses, it's a focussed opportunity to give back to the Monash community in a tailored way.”


1st place (54.875): Ian Kohler, Tony Meakin, Craig Brew, Chris Forbes

2nd place (55): Ben Chiu, Malcolm Clegg, Craig Aylen

Straightest drive 6th hole: Chris Sizen

Nearest to pin 8th hole: Justin Trott

Longest drive on the 9th hole: Brian Man

Nearest to Pin on the 2nd shot 10th hole: Matt Silk

Longest drive 11th hole: Luke Wanless

Nearest to Pin 15th hole: Damien Johnston

We would also like to thank all our sponsors for making this event possible!

Major sponsor: Programmed

Sponsors: Harris, Monash Electrical, Infonyx, Australian Merch Co., AFN (Australian Fishing Network), Monash Sport, Monash University Book Shop and ERDA.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the green, and congratulations to those who won!

To view photos from the day, click here or watch our wrap-up reel here.