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After returning from his second Olympic Games last week, Monash's resident table tennis champion Heming Hu kindly opens up about his experience competing against the best of the best in Japan.

'It was bloody awesome...even with COVID-19 restrictions of not being able to go out of the village or watch the other sports that you love, I just enjoyed the whole village experience of being around multiple thousands of Olympians everyday,' Heming said in his video.

“One of the few upsides of COVID-19 was that we, as athletes, felt way more support [too] because people were more glued to their TVs, so thank you all!”

While COVID-19 managed to stay at bay for the duration of his trip, the athlete still had to undertake hotel quarantine upon his return. Now a lockdown veteran, he shares his top tips with us to stay positive during these trying times.

“Reach out to friends and family, try to exercise if you have access to it and really utilise that 5km to go for walks,” he said.

“Feel free to always reach out to Monash or myself personally on Instagram if you want to just even have a chat about how you feel,” Heming adds.

So, to all the students out there reading this, just remember that while Monash is here for you, Heming is always there for you too...

You can check out the full video here and stay in the loop with Heming’s post-Olympic journey here.

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