Joseph Arthur


Monash's resident weightlifting champion, Johnny Pham, recently placed third overall at the Black Flag Barbell Novice Power-lifting Competition.

With only limited power-lifting experience (a sport very different to weightlifting), Johnny was fearless in his performance and surprised a few with his overall result of third place.

Humble in victory, Johnny told Team Monash about the experience.

'I travelled to Sydney to catch up with some power-lifting friends and was roped into competing in a power-lifting competition as a weightlifting athlete (very different sports), nonetheless I placed third overall,' Pham said.

'It was my first power-lifting competition ever with minimal power-lifting experience.'

Johnny's performance was impressive and we hope his good form continues across both power-lifting and weightlifting as he prepares for an upcoming weightlifting competition where he will attempt to qualify for U23 Nationals.

Keep it up Johnny, you're getting some awesome results!