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Over the weekend, Monash Blues Football Club (MBFC) hosted a virtual charity run to raise awareness for victims of domestic violence.

Organised by three club members, the event has raised over $3,000 for Kara House - a foundation that supports victims of domestic violence, particularly women and children.

Deakin economics students and MBFC member, Joe Harrison, was one of the three event organisers, identifying the opportunity to do some good for the less fortunate.

"The boys had already been doing some running to try and keep fit whilst footy wasn't happening...and so we thought we could use it as a way to give back to the community," Harrison said.

"A few of us came up with the idea to do an Isolation Charity Run for Kara House.

"We had a few meetings over zoom and thought of the best way to make the run as engaging as possible. We tried to get everyone running in a touch of orange to shed a light on domestic violence and to have people feel like they were really part of a charity run."

Supporting Joe Harrison in organising the event were two Monash University students: Physiotherapy student Beau Harris and Engineering student Seb Conheady.

The charity run encouraged all participant's to donate a minimum of $10, before running either 5km or 10km on Sunday 31 May at 10am.

MBFC set a donation goal of $2,500 which has already been smashed by over $500.

"We encouraged people to share the event with friends and family, to open it up to the broader Monash community," Harrison said.

Since the run, Kara house has received over 88 donations from almost 100 participants and counting.

The donation link is open until Sunday June 7, you can access the link and make a donation here:

Beyond this virtual charity fun-run, Joe Harrison said MBFC will be supporting domestic violence victims on an "ongoing basis", continually working towards a better, safer and more welcoming future for all. Be ready for more events like this in the future.

We here at Team MONASH couldn't be prouder of Joe Harrison, Beau Harris, Seb Conheady and the Monash Blues! It's amazing to see the Monash community united int these tough times.

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