Tiff Forbes


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of Monash University's Cheer and Dance club (MONCAD), now’s your chance to catch a glimpse first-hand following the release of their premiere mini-documentary series.

The series aims to uncover what cheer and dance is all about, what training sessions entail and a sneak peek into life as a member of the MONCAD community.

Club President, Phoebe Yeung said “it’s very hard to convince someone to join a club requiring training twice a week for two hours at a time, so I felt if we could show people what we are doing during those trainings and what makes it all worth it, we could introduce this amazing community to more people.”

Phoebe started filming the documentary series in August through to November last year during MONCAD’S preparations for UniSport and AASCF National competitions.

There is a “total of four episodes in the works, each about eight minutes long, about different facets of the club. The next episode will focus on training for all disciplines. We will also feature an episode about competitions, and lastly about our community, including alumni. There will also be an outtakes/extras episode” Phoebe said.

Episodes will be released weekly on Saturdays via MONCAD’s YouTube channel.

You can check out their first release here!