Connor Mai


On April 24-26, 17 of our student athletes represented Monash University at UniSport Australia’s Athletics Nationals, which took place on the Gold Coast. Overall, Monash placed 8th and 9th respectively in the men’s and women’s, out of 33 different universities.

Our athletes saw success on Day 1, with Lachlan Falconer Boag and Raine Oh Shu Qin qualifying for the semi-finals in the 100m. Unfortunately, both Lachlan and Raine bowled out in the semi-finals in a competitive and tight field. Hugo Hanak also qualified for the 400m, after placing first in his heat. Events ran late into the night, and our mixed 4x400m team placed 7th.

Day 2 saw Monash achieve their first medal. Congratulations to Hugo for claiming the Bronze in the 400m, with his season's best time. Jeremy Shum followed up with a silver medal in the 110m hurdles, bringing Monash’s medal total to two. Elise Keeghan narrowly missed the podium in the Women’s discus, and Team Organiser Olivia Mc Mahon achieved a personal best in the Long Jump. 

The final day saw three more medals added to Monash’s tally. Penny Giddy took the silver in Shot Put, while both Paige and Hugo took bronze in the 400m hurdles for their respective categories. 

Team organiser Olivia Mc Mahon praised the team for their efforts and support, with the team having an amazing time at Uni Nationals. She stated that “The atmosphere at the track was electric, everyone got involved and tried their best while competing and cheered hard for their teammates. It was very exciting to get to compete against some of the best in the country in athletics and see the team succeed in so many events.“

She added that “It was amazing to see how involved all the athletes got; cheering on their fellow team members and stepping up to compete in relay events, even after they were all tired from competing in their other events.“

This year, the Heptathlon and Decathlon events were not held at UniSport Nationals. Instead, they  were held a week earlier as part of the Chemist Warehouse Australian Athletics Championships in Adelaide. Congratulations to Mia Scerri who took home the gold medal in the U20 Heptathlon.

Full results can be found below, while photos from the event can be found here.


Men's 100m

  • Lachlan Falconer Boag - 5th in Semi Finals

  • Jared Glover - 6th in Heat

  • Jeremy Shum - 4th in Heat

Women's 100m

  • Raine Oh Shu Qin - 7th in Semi Finals

Men's 110m Hurdles

  • Jeremy Shum - Silver in Finals

Men's 200m

  • Phillip Blackberg - 6th in Heat

  • Lachlan Falconer Boag - 2nd in Heat

  • Jared Glover - 4th in Heat

  • Corey Robinson - 6th in Heat

Men's 400m

  • Hugo Hanak - Bronze in Finals

  • Adam Giannellis - 7th in Heat

  • Corey Robinson - 4th in Heat

Women's 400m

  • Paige Elvey - 3rd in Heat

Men's 400m Hurdles

  • Hugo Hanak - Bronze in Finals

  • Corey Robinson - 8th in Finals

Women's 400m Hurdles

  • Paige Elvey - Bronze in Finals

  • Lara Richards - 11th in Finals

Men's 4x100m Relay

  • Adam Giannellis, Lachlan Falconer Boag, Hugo Hanak, Jared Glover - 4th in Finals

Men's 4x400m Relay

  • Phillip Blackberg, Sam McDonald, Adam Giannellis, Corey Robinson - 6th in Finals

Women's 400m Relay

  • Lara Richards, Raine Oh Shu Qin, Olivia Mc Mahon, Paige Elvey - 6th in Finals

Mixed 4x400m

  • Lara Richards, Paige Elvey, Adam Giannellis, Corey Robinson - 7th in Finals

U20 Heptathlon

  • Mai Scerri - Gold

Women's 3000m Steeplechase

  • Louisa Lazar - Injured - DNF

Men's Long Jump

  • Corey Robinson - 15th in Heat

Women's Long Jump

  • Olivia Mc Mahon - 14th in Heat

Women's Triple Jump

  • Lara Richards - 15th in Finals

Men's High Jump

  • Jack Dowel - 11th in Final

Men’s Pole Vault

  • Sam McDonald - 9th in Finals

Women's Pole Vault

  • Olivia Mc Mahon - 9th in Finals

Women's Javelin

  • Penny Giddy - 12th in Finals

  • Lara Richards - 14th in Finals

Women's Discus

  • Elise Keeghan - 4th in Finals

Women's Shot Put

  • Penny Giddy - Silver in Final

  • Elise Keeghan - 7th in Final