Lucas Stevens


On Friday the 23rd of September the stage was set for an epic showdown between the Monash Blues and Old Geelong. Having met in round one and seventeen, the rival teams went head to head one more time for the premiership. 

Leading up to the final, the Monash Blues had been a dominant force, having won 18 of their 20 matches this season. However, Old Geelong had a tendency to fight tooth and nail when the stakes were high, so victory for either team was not a given.

The first half of the game was tight, with Old Geelong going out hard and forcing Monash to contest the footy at all times. However, the Blues took control of the game after half time, scoring goal after goal and pushing hard until the last minute. The final shake-out of the game was Monash Blues 8.9 (57) to Old Geelong 5.6 (36)!

The best on ground medal went to Beau Harris of the Blues having played a great game. Some other notable players over the game were the Blues’ Mitch King and Nick Darling, with Nick having scored 69 goals over the season, the most of any player in the Premier C league! Joe Cosgriff and Zacchary Ledin both played their last game for the Blues, being cheered off at the end of the game by players and fans alike as a tribute to their hard work and dedication over the years. 

Having caught up with Alex Bennett of the Blues, it was clear to see that major celebrations were in order for the team. It had been a hard decade for the club, so winning the premiership was a major victory. The team had put in a lot of work over the season, training consistently and continually seeking to improve their game, so winning the premiership and topping the ladder were the cherry on top of an amazing season. 

Looking towards the future, the Blues are excited to move out of the Premier C division and into the Premier B division. They are looking forward to facing a new challenge and are hoping to continue their upward momentum in the new division! We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming season and want to congratulate them once again for such an incredible season!


Written by Olivia Mc Mahon