Katerina Kostakos


Monash University and The University of Melbourne went head to head one last time in this year’s Big Blue Competition. Despite Covid-19 making it difficult for teams to play throughout each semester, an amazing 21 Big Blue events were held at Monash’s Clayton Campus and Melbourne’s Parkville Campus.

Leading into the final Big Blue clash, Monash was leading Melb 10 wins to 9.

Our Badminton women’s team won 3-0, sealing Monash University as the champions of the Big Blue competition for 2021. A momentous way to end the year.

Out of the 21 events played, 11 were won by Monash with close wins in the Men’s and Women’s basketball.

“The rivalry between Melbourne and Monash has always been a close one,” said Monash Women’s Basketballer, Jacqui Trotto.

“It always adds that little bit of spice and edge to the game. There is always a little bit more hunger, fight and desire to win”.

Big Blue events have given students an opportunity to represent their university in their respective team sports throughout the year and has been a great way for students to get involved and practice their sport competitively.

“It was great to be able to get the girls together again, catch up and have some fun on the court. Given that all of us hadn’t really touched a ball this year, it was a great opportunity to come together and blow off some of those ‘cobwebs’”, said Trotto.

“The big blue is an awesome opportunity to be able to represent Monash, have some fun and get the team together.”

“It definitely helps instil and strengthen the camaraderie within the group, especially seeing as there aren't too many opportunities throughout the year to come together and play.”

Congratulations to Monash for winning this year's Big Blue Competition!

The full results can be viewed here.