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Team Monash: Monash Theatre and Performance PhD Candidate to Take Stage in Italy

Monash PhD student Roxana Paun Trifan will be taking her final performance abroad before returning to Melbourne and completing her PhD.

The Theatre Performance candidate was selected to present her one woman show ‘Acting Chekov in Translation’, the final performance of her PhD, in Italy at an International Theatre Conference.
The conference takes place at the University of Padua and performances must fall under the conferences theme of ‘intercultural communication’.

“Intercultural communication is the hottest theme in theatre academia and performance, because given globalisation we can’t really be limited to act, speak or to communicate only in our native language,” Roxana said.
“This [international conference] is a big step forward for me as a student and for me as a partitioner.
“I felt really honoured to be selected to attend because it is a very important international conference.”

Roxana began her acting journey over 20-years-ago in Romania’s North East. Since, she has studied her craft diligently, spending time living in Italy and performing across the globe, before landing in Melbourne to complete her PhD.
‘Acting Chekov in Translation’ is the penultimate performance of her studies, along with her thesis.

The importance of her shows success, both in Italy and Melbourne, doesn’t phase Roxana who said all the years of study and experience have prepared her to finish in style.

“I’m so passionate and I’m so in love with my profession that I don’t make any compromises when it’s about my job,” Roxana said.
“I always give the maximum and I always invest the maximum energy and passion…that helps me to achieve what I aim for.
“Of course, you’re anxious, of course, because it’s [performing] a challenge every time, but it’s a very positive challenge, it’s what I’m trained to do and have been preparing every-day to do.”

Both Roxana’s show and thesis have been structured around intercultural communication – what is communication? What does the actor do to communicate?

“I will interpret a 100-year-old script through the cultural lens of a Romanian with some Italian background for a contemporary English speaking audience,” Roxana said.
“It is extremely interesting, extremely hard and extremely beautiful.”

Roxana is a mother of two, an experienced traveller and a story-teller. She said her passion for acting comes from a deeply emotional relationship with the profession.
The spirit of performance is what’s driven her to work so tirelessly and “total control over the actor’s process” is what she hopes to achieve.

“The essence of my profession is something very amorphous and difficult to talk about because it’s everything about emotions, which are still a field very much under explored,” She said.
“In my thesis I’ve tried to unveil the process and decompose it, in order to have major control of what I do on stage – which I have hopefully accomplished.”

Roxana will gain her PhD in early 2020 after her shows Melbourne run, although it will be the final act in her studies, Roxana’s story is far from over.
The actor is already working on three new projects to be performed in 2020, two of which are in collaboration with Australian playwright, Rosemary Jones.
Congratulations on all your hard work Roxana! We look forward to seeing you on the stage for many years to come.

Written by Joseph Arthur, Media Coordinator