9 Jul 2021

Monash’s esports teams continue to thrive post COVID-19

A new esports lounge, some new teams and a whole lot of passion!

8 Jul 2021

Club Check-In: Monash Waterpolo

Interrupted training, cancelled events and virtual meets defined most of 2020, but this year, they’re back and seemingly better than ever.

12 Jun 2021

Monash students roll up their sleeves to save 4470 lives

The results are in for both the annual Tertiary Blood Challenge and Vampire Cup, and it seems that Monash is a force to be reckoned with!

4 Jun 2021

Kipp makes his mark at Gymnastics Championships!

Monash Student Kipp Smith has claimed two silver and a bronze at the annual Australian Gymnastics Championships.

26 May 2021

More accolades for Monash in Big Blue!

Monash brings home some more wins at last week's Big Blue event.

19 May 2021

Monash’s esports teams continue to thrive post COVID-19

A new esports lounge, some new teams and a whole lot of passion!

13 May 2021

Squash Club

MS 24 hour challenge

On Saturday 1st of May the Monash University Squash Club took up the challenge to raise money and to participate in the MS 24 hour Mega Challenge. Only the club members of intelligence were selected for this mission... quest... thing. Candidates were favoured for their diverse skills such as ability to play squash in a onesie, cake baking and responsible consumption of frothy alcoholic beverages. Once assembled, the fellowship set out on a perilous journey to the black gates of Westerfolds Sports Center to defeat evil there that does not sleep and to raise money to help people living with multiple sclerosis. One does not simply play squash for 24 hours straight however and so the fellowship members took turns to share the load. We fought day and night and in our darkest hour of the graveyard shift, almost all hope was lost to see the light of day again and some in the fellowship even forgot the taste of bread. Miraculously, at day break the horns sounded in the distance as fresh reinforcements streamed in donning onesies and fast food to save the day. Well done to all that participated and big thanks to everyone that donated money for MS which totalled to a precious $835! We'll see you next time when we're quite ready for our next adventure!

12 May 2021

Squash Club

Monash Pride

It was Pride Night down at Monash University on Thursday 15th of April. The squash club came down to training supporting the colours for the LGBTQIA community! Heaps of vibrant colours on that night! Thanks to Monash Sport and Team Monash for organising this event!

12 May 2021

Monash slam dunks their competition in UniSport Nationals 3x3 basketball

A huge congratulations to the women’s team scoring Gold and the men’s team finishing with Bronze!

3 May 2021

Monash dominates in the Big Blue on the Yarra!

Monash was on fire at the 2021 Big Blue Varsity Rowing!

26 Apr 2021

A soaring silver and bronze for Monash ESPS rowing star Nicholas Szigeter

ESPS student, Nicholas Szigeter took on the Australian National Rowing Championships.

26 Apr 2021

26 Apr 2021

Welcoming Monash University's elite athletes and performers!

On Wednesday April 21, we hosted a welcome function for Monash University's cohort of elite student performers and elite student athletes.

25 Apr 2021

ESPS Student Scott England’s latest curtain call

ESPS student Scott England prepares to hit the stage once again next week

5 Apr 2021

Squash Club

Handicap Tournament and AGM 2021

On Saturday 27th of March we held our first tournament in a very long time!