Lucas Stevens


The beginning of the UniSport Nationals saw our Monash Women’s Basketball team dominate their opponents on the court, skyrocketing them to the top of the leaderboard! 

With a fantastic start to the competition, the team took out Western Sydney University with a 58-19 lead and secured another win over the Australian Catholic University with a final score of 46-28. During a nail-biting game against the University of Western Australia, the team fought hard and came out on top with a close score of 42-37. To top it all off, we saw a clean sweep from the team against Australian National University with a 67-35 point lead and an additional triumph over La Trobe University with a 26-16 score.

Our Monash Women’s Basketball team remains undefeated in their pool and are looking forward to donning some prestigious gold medals by the end of the week.

We briefly spoke to Women’s basketball player Jacqueline Trotto, prior to the competition on which University team she is looking forward to playing against.

“La Trobe University recently won the UBL (University Basketball League) so it's the Melbourne team that we need to beat” 

We wish the Women’s Basketball team the best of luck for the upcoming week! 

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Written by Mon Ouk