Lucas Stevens


The annual UniSport Nationals is now underway, with some astounding results from our Monash athletes within the first few days of the competition. Our Fencing teams competed in Foil on Monday and Sabre on Tuesday, with the individual and team Epee matches occurring today. 

Our Men’s Foil teams played against the University of Western Australia’s A & B teams as well as Curtin University - with the Monash Men’s A team placing second and the B team placing fourth. 

Through some thrilling and breathtaking action, both our men’s and women’s individual Foil matches saw Hugo Kallis Bosnic place second and Nicole Beuk place third in their respective categories. 

Although our Men’s Sabre fencing team went against some heavy competition, the Monash A team placed second whilst our B team placed third. 

The preparation leading up to the event involved training up to 6 times a week in the early mornings and late afternoons whilst also juggling university studies simultaneously. 

When speaking to Connor Mai, who competed in the Monash Team A, he described his preparation for the Unisport Nationals as “hard work getting our fitness up for the long endurance of the tournament”.

Good luck to our fencing teams today as they compete their Epee matches and we are beyond amazed at all the hard work our athletes put in this year! 

For live updates and results, head to our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as our Unisport Nationals page.

Written by Mon Ouk