Joseph Arthur


Monash University Cheer and Dance (MONCAD) athletes have once again qualified to represent Australia and compete at the FISU World University Championships (WUC) Cheer & Dance, this time, in Korea.

The competition is set to go ahead in September and will feature at least three of the club's dance teams and one cheer team.

Two years ago, MONCAD athletes attended the inaugural Cheer World University Championships and Club Vice President and Team Organiser, Hayley Shreeve, said that ever since, it's been the club's goal to return and represent Australia again.

'It's an incredibly exciting situation to be preparing for WUC again,' Shreeve said.

'Last years teams worked incredibly hard throughout qualifying, so it was great to get the message [we qualified] and that it had all paid off.'

However, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a monumental impact on almost everything all across the globe and MONCAD is no different. The club will have to spend an indefinite amount of time preparing for Korea via online services like zoom.

Cheer in particular, has found itself with some significant obstacles to overcome before it can send a team to Korea, as outlined by Club President Phoebe Yeung.

'One of the hard things is that we were actually 24 hours away from holding our cheer tryouts,' Yeung said. 'We don't actually have a cheer team yet.'

'That's why we've introduced the online zoom cheer P.T (personal training)'s open to returning and new athletes to help maintain fitness and show newer athletes what it's all about .'

Without official tryouts, selecting the team for Korea will be a difficult process, a process not yet finalised.

'There's enough returning athletes to give us some idea of who may go but its really dependent on who else shows up...we really want to send the best team over there,' Yeung said.

Vice President Hayley Shreeve said, despite the excitement of the upcoming championships in Korea, the broader clubs main focus is to ensure all members continue to participate and enjoy themselves.

'From our community as a club perspective...everyone is looking forward to logging on and seeing and meeting the people that will be on your team, or you will eventually meet and work with,' Shreeve said.

'The community of the club just makes it something you really want to go back to.'

This sense of community has been highlighted in the club's recently released mini-documentary series - 'MONCAD: Our Story'.

In terms of expectations for the WUC, Shreeve said the club is doing its best to put in all the necessary work, emphasising the importance of preparing it's qualified teams as best they can.

'It's really hard to put results as an expectation...we get two and a half minutes on a floor {in Korea} and that's the entire season wrapped up,' Shreeve said.

'We do everything we possibly can and now there's even more drive to make sure that happens.'

Team MONASH wishes its cheer and dance athletes all the best and we can only hope this trip will be allowed to go ahead...only time will tell.