Joseph Arthur


The Monash Water Polo and Netball clubs have both taken significant steps to ensure their respective members stay engaged and active with one another during this difficult time.

Both clubs have introduced online fitness session via zoom and created weekly watch parties for members to view past games. The watch parties allow for group learning and game analysis so all club participants can continue to develop their knowledge for their respective sports.

Further, the online fitness sessions have allowed both the social and fitness aspects of each club to continue, ensuring members overall well-being.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Water Polo Club President Zoe Lysaght said the importance of keeping members engaged can't be understated.
'Water polo is a very social sport, so even though its water based and difficult to continue with all the pools closed, I think it's really important we do all of this,' She said.

Netball Club President Rebecca Smith echoed Lysaght's message, citing the importance of giving new members some sort of university based club experience in their first semester.

'For those students that just started this year, they didn't really get a chance to connect at the club for everyone to engage and keep connected even when we can't physically be near each other, I just think it's good for the mind and soul,' Smith said.

Team MONASH commends both clubs for their hard work supporting their members and setting a gold standard for others to follow. These are trying times and we love to see our clubs looking out for one another and ensuring everyone's well-being.