Joseph Arthur


Amidst the unprecedented global corona virus crisis, the Monash University Dodgeball Association (MUDA) is finding a way to stick together. As everyone practices social distancing and self-isolation, members of the state dodgeball team are being supported by its club in a number of ways.

The club regularly reaches out to the team members to assist them in staying both fit and social while stuck at home.

Some of the activities currently or soon to be in place include; fitness training sessions from a coach via live stream, game nights through a Discord channel, daily challenges in their private Facebook group, online trivia nights and dodgeball watch parties for game analysis.

MUDA member Cherie Fung said it is looking to expand these support systems beyond just the state dodgeball team.
'We haven't opened this up to our general club community yet, but we will be looking to expand it soon,' Fung said.

Beyond the group exercises and activities, the club is also going that extra mile to ensure each individual player is in a good head-space as they navigate this troublesome time.

'We're also doing one-on-one check-ins with our players to make sure they're okay and providing them with at-home training plans if they want one,' Fung said.

We here at Team MONASH can't commend MUDA enough, it's displaying true Monash spirit and making the entire community proud.

The support its showing for its members is exactly the kind of care and kindness the world needs right now. If more of us can take a leaf out of its book and support others in any way we can, we may see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel sooner.