Katerina Kostakos


O-Week this year has been bigger and better than ever. Making up for lost time from the past two years, Monash has welcomed new and returning students, many who were yet to have ever stepped foot onto campus!

The week was a great opportunity for students to meet new people, sign up to clubs and societies and get involved in the many activities across all campuses.

The Team Monash and Monash Sport tent was kept busy as plenty of students were interested in learning more about what we had to offer. From signing up to the gym learning about our Varsity competitions, to accessing elite athlete support, there was something for everyone.

Clubs were super excited to be back on campus and promoting their activities. Vice President of the Kickboxing Club, Maddy Connor said that participating in sporting clubs is a great opportunity to make friends.

“It’s so much fun. We have social events every month. It’s like a big family.”

We look forward to seeing what the year has in store and wish Monash students all the best with their studies.

Check out our recap video of the week here!

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