Tiff Forbes


Recovering from not one, but four Victorian lockdowns over the last year, COVID-19 has been a tough pill to swallow for many of our Monash sporting clubs. Interrupted training, cancelled events and virtual meets defined most of 2020, but this year, we’re back and seemingly better than ever.

With state-wide competitions scheduled, the 2021 Varsity Big Blue tournament, and a Uni Nationals team in the making, we spoke to Monash medical student and Monash Water Polo Club’s Uni Nationals team organiser, Zoe Lysaght, about how the club has been faring over the last few months and how they’re gearing up for their upcoming competitions.

I know you have the Big Blue and Uni Nationals coming up, how are you and the club getting ready for these?

We are very excited to be involved in the Big Blue and Unisport Nationals in the coming months. We are currently training regularly and incorporating fun F45 (waterpolo-style) training into our sessions! We are also running monthly Club Championships where players can practice game play in a social environment!

What are you most excited for when it comes to competing in these competitions?

It is great to represent Monash at these events and also very exciting to be challenged by the high level teams from other universities. A large part of Unisport Nationals is going away and building team camaraderie. The Gold Coast is a great location and it will be really exciting to see how the water polo teams go this year as well as support other teams and watch their success.

Did the snap lockdown put a spanner in the works for any club plans/events? How are you going getting back into the swing of things?

This snap lockdown definitely disrupted our training schedule, however lockdowns are not new for us and so we worked during this time to ensure a swift return to training once pools reopened! Luckily for our club, no major events were disrupted however we all did miss being around the Monash Waterpolo Club Community.

Do you have any other cool events coming up or news to share with us?

We have most recently had our annual black tie ball which was a success with many people from the past and current Water Polo Community coming to celebrate our Club and the award winners. Coming up this semester we have our social events for the start of Semester 2 and also the return of our Club Championships.

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